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Zigzag elm sawfly attacking trees in UK, warn experts

Elm leaf-eating pest has gradually travelled across Europe from Japan, leaving mark reminiscent of that by Zorro’s sword

A pest which leaves a signature trail of destruction on elm leaves reminiscent of the mark of the fictional sword-wielding hero Zorro appears to have arrived in the UK, experts have warned.

The zigzag elm sawfly, originally found in Japan, feeds only on elm leaves and has been progressing steadily through Europe.

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David Attenborough launches wildlife fund for advertisers

Firms signing up to Lion’s Share fund will give 0.5% of money spent on ad campaigns featuring animals to conservation schemes

Sir David Attenborough has said large corporations should donate to wildlife protection schemes every time they feature animals in their adverts.

The veteran wildlife presenter has called on the advertising industry to do more to help the environment as he launched a new voluntary scheme designed to boost the income of animal charities.

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Malta's 'barbaric' finch traps ruled illegal by EU court

Campaigners hail court verdict, which bans trapping of several species of the bird

Malta has broken EU law by allowing the hunting and trapping of several finch species, the European court has ruled.

The Mediterranean island will face potentially substantial fines unless it ends a derogation it introduced in 2014 allowing the songbirds to be captured.

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Tourism preventing Kenya's cheetahs from raising young, study finds

Research in Maasai Mara linked areas with high density of vehicles to lower numbers of cubs raised to independence

High levels of tourism can lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of cheetahs able to raise their young to independence, new research has found.

A study in Kenya’s Maasai Mara savannah found that in areas with a high density of tourist vehicles, the average number of cubs a mother cheetah raised to independence was just 0.2 cubs per litter – less than a tenth of the 2.3 cubs per litter expected in areas with low tourism.

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'Time running out' for UK parks, government told

Coalition of environmental groups put forward Charter for Parks as ‘crisis point’ declared following years of budget cuts

A coalition of countryside groups and environmentalists are calling on the government to protect the UK’s parks and green spaces which are at “crisis point” following years of swingeing budget cuts.

The group has today put forward a “Charter for Parks”which calls on ministers in England, Wales and Scotland to make it a legal requirement for all parks and green spaces to be maintained and managed to a “good standard.”

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