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Bureau Veritas

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We are a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification.

We assist our clients throughout the lifetime of their assets, products and infrastructure, helping them assure quality, reduce costs, increase productivity and foster a more responsible, sustainable culture.

We reduce risks and improve our clients' performance, in terms of quality, health, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility


Testing, Inspection & Certification

- 1,200 Employees in the UK and Ireland
- 23 Offices and Labs throughout the UK
- 900+ Accreditations and Delegations
- 65 Net Promoter Score Customer Experience Metric

We provide a broad portfolio of services throughout the UK through our highly skilled, dedicated employees who deliver completely impartial advice and solutions. We assist our clients throughout the lifetime of their assets, products, and infrastructure and in the continuous improvement of their processes.

By outsourcing risk to a single specialist partner with the resources and reputation to accommodate and meet every operational challenge, our clients are assuring quality, reducing costs, increasing productivity and fostering a more responsible, sustainable culture.



Testing provides businesses with the confidence that products are safe, of the right quality, and conform to specifications and applicable regulations. We perform testing and analysis services in three sectors: commodities, consumer products and industrial equipment. Carried out by some 400 laboratories, our comprehensive range of services meet our client’s specifications or local regulations such as construction material testing, non-destructive and destructive testing and environmental analysis.


Inspection covers a wide range of services designed to improve performance, reduce risk, control quality, verify quantity, and meet regulatory requirements. This includes visual inspection, verification of documents, manufacturing supervision and electronic and mechanical testing.


Certification represents a third-party stamp of approval that a product, service or system conforms to specified standards. It can enable companies to enhance their reputation and open up new markets, or simply ensure that they are able to operate. Our certification services cover people, products and systems.


Being a part of Bureau Veritas is more than just working, it's being convinced that you will leave your mark in shaping a world of trust.

Bureau Veritas is a global leader, delivering a wide range of services that make the world a safer place. But we recognise that this is only possible through good people.

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