Logic Melon

Multiple Job Posting and Applicant Tracking… How to get better use out of your Job Board advertising.

Logic Melon is a based on the most recent improvements in technology for the multi-posting and applicant tracking market. Our multi posting solution and applicant tracking system offers leveraging changes in technology and the market place to improve a client’s measurement of Return on Investment (ROI) on recruitment advertising on job boards, social networking sites, print and other media. The target for consultants and users is to make them more effective in their role as recruiters while maximising their advertising penetration, effectively making the recruitment process quick, easy and cost effective.

Logic Melon's technology has been designed by some of the most experienced developers in the multiple job posting and applicant tracking industry. It not only provides an easy way to advertise your vacancies online, but records the source of every application resulting in valuable management information whereby our clients are able to calculate return on investment (ROI) and cost per hire. Creating an understanding of your cost per hire and recruitment process can be achieved with minimal effort.

Logic Melon suits the recruitment need for business in Recruitment, Recruitment Advertising Agencies, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Companies and Direct Employers.

We focus on supplying great customer service throughout your agreement with us, so by signing with Logic Melon you will not be left on your own. Training and support are part of you package so there are no unexpected costs to look out for, with refreshers available at any time for new starters.

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