Royal Geographical Society

We are the learned society and professional body for geography. Established in 1830, we advance geographical science and support its practitioners.

We are the largest and most active scholarly geographical society in the world.

We are an independent organisation with a strong reputation for quality and dynamism.

Based in central London, we welcome 150,000 people a year to events and activities for members and the public, and reach many more through online activities.

Society membership comprises some 15,000 people in more than 100 countries. Members range from professional geographers, researchers and teachers, to expeditioners and enthusiasts.

Our activities

As the learned society and professional body for geography, we  advance geographic research, nationally and globally, to improve understanding of our connected world.

  • We support teaching, educating people as local and global citizens in a rapidly changing world, through formal learning, fieldwork and expeditions.
  • We promote the relevance of geography, recognising public interest in our world.
  • We foster the recognition and understanding of geography to policy, placing it firmly in debates about the futures of places, environments and communities.
  • We promote and develop Society membership and staff, supporting charitable activities and reinforcing the professional standards in geographical knowledge and skills.


Our Strategy aims to provide a clear statement of where the Society is heading and its priorities in terms of actions. We hold a passionate belief in the value of understanding our world - past, present and future. The overarching rationale behind our Strategy is to strengthen and share that understanding for the benefit of all.

The new plan builds on recent achievements and remains committed to the same core objectives to promote:

  • Geographical research and advance geography, nationally and internationally as a leading discipline enhancing a shared understating of our interdependent world
  • The benefits of geographical learning and skills, educating people of all ages for life as local and global citizens in a rapidly changing world
  • The wider understanding, relevance and enjoyment of geography, recognising the public's growing thirst for knowledge about the world
  • The recognition and understanding of the relevance of geography and geographical information to policy, placing geography firmly in the debates about the future of places, environments and communities
  • The Society's membership and staff, supporting its charitable activities and reinforcing the importance of professional standards in geographical knowledge and skills
  • A sound growing financial basis to enable the implementation of the Society's strategy in support of geography.

Chartered Geographer

Chartered Geographer (CGeog) is the professional status qualification for those with competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge or skills in the workplace.

Chartered Geographers are committed to professional standards and continuing professional development.

Why become a Chartered Geographer

If you use geographical knowledge and skills on a daily basis and would like a professional accreditation that recognises your work as a geographer then Chartered Geographer status is for you.  It is relevant whether you work in academia, a private-sector consultancy, a public sector agency or a business.
Chartered Geographer(CGeog) is the only internationally recognised professional accreditation for those with competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills in the workplace.

It is the same in concept and scope to chartered accreditation in other professions such as Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Meteorologists etc. As a well respected scheme, and the first of its kind in terms of breadth of appeal, there are many benefits associated with achievement of Chartered Status.

The benefits:

Recognition: Proves to employers, clients and the public that you demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism in geographical knowledge, understanding and skills; Enhances your career profile and can assist in advancing your career as it demonstrates significant personal development and a commitment to ongoing development

Personal Development: Provides support to structure your own personal development and learning; Keeps you abreast of developments within the discipline; Provides opportunities for networking

Benefits to Employers: Provides the impetus and incentive to individuals to keep CPD and training current; Helps ensure you have a highly skilled and respected workforce and documents this to others

Fellowship (FRGS) of a Prestigious Learned Society: Enjoy a rich variety of London and regional lectures and events; take advantage of a vast array of resources - publications, journals, books, online resources, archives and maps; Attend special networking events; Support and contribute to the future of geography

Chartered Geographers meet at least once a year at the RGS-IBG for a networking reception. All RGS-IBG events that count towards CGeog CPD are clearly labelled. We encourage CGeogs to network with each other wherever possible. Rooms are available at the RGS-IBG for any CGeog event.

If you wish to promote Chartered Geographer in your workplace please contact the Professional Officer for further assistance.

Contact Information

Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers),
1 Kensington Gore,

Main switchboard: +44 (0)20 7591 3000 
Fax: +44 (0)20 7591 3001


Types of Geographical jobs

Urban Planner/Community Development
Cartographer/Computer mapper
Geographical Information System Specialist
Remote sensing analyst
Transportation Management
Environmental management
Environmental Emergency manager
Property appraisal
Weather Forecaster
Hazardous waste planner
Park ranger
Community Developer
Soil Conservationist
Urban and community planner

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